Charis Hamm (pronounced CARE-iss) is an award-winning balloon artist. She began twisting when she was seven years-old and was hired for the first time to twist for a crowd at a mall's Mother's Day event when she was nine.  Since then Charis has amazed children and adults alike while twisting at churches, schools, malls, fairs, special events, and birthday parties. Charis has also taught balloon twisting classes to children age 9-76!

Charis Hamm - Award Winning Balloon Artist

April 2009

Charis is now a 20 year-old university student who resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Charis attended Diamond Jam in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006, 2007 & 2008, to meet, learn from and compete with balloon twisters from all over the world. Charis won the "Aspiring Diamond" competition each year.  At Diamond Jam in 2008, Charis was also awarded the industry's "Rising Star" Award. In February 2008, Charis attended, for the first time, Twist & Shout in Boston, Massachusetts, and in 2009 attended Twist & Shout in Los Angeles, California.

If you are interested in learning balloon sculpting, Charis recommends looking for books in your library by Captain Visual, Ralph Dewey, Marvin Hardy and Ken Stillman. The Inflatable Crown book by Addi Somekh, teaches stylized hats. Balloon sculpting isn't too difficult to learn, but it takes endless practice to master. Her favorite balloon instruction websites include, balloonhq and professorwonder.

Charis is often asked about her equipment and balloons. She carries 30-40 balloons of each size and colour in the 30 loops in her Twist 'em Up apron, plus rounds and shapes in the pockets...aproximately 2000 balloons. Charis carries more than 50 different colours, shapes, and sizes.  Her room has a massive bookshelf that has 50 bins and approximately 10,000 balloons!  The vast majority of these balloons are Qualatex brand made by a company called Pioneer Balloon Company.

Charis has purchased her 2nd electric balloon inflater from Majilooon company. She is thrilled with the improvements in design with the new model.

If you would like Charis to make balloon sculptures for a birthday party, a special event, or teach a class to your group, please e-mail her at  or phone (780) 953.9773.

February 2007

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